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 "I formulated this oil blend to help fight the symptoms of my rosacea. I was diagnosed with rosacea 18 yrs ago, using very expensive prescription creams/gels/IPL sessions/antibiotics. My favourite prescription cost upwards of $250/60ml tube, requiring a minimum of 4 tubes per year! I decided to research natural ingredients that can help with the signs and presentation of rosacea. The skin benefits of mushrooms along with certain natural botanicals intrigued me and so my formulating journey began.  After 2 weeks of daily use of what is now Face Food, I took the leap and discontinued the use of my prescription cream. In the past 5 months, I have only used Face Food to moisturize my skin. My skin is healthier, brighter, softer, more even toned, and more moisturized since the use of Face Food. At 58, with ageing, mature skin."

Angele Chambers,

Founder of Mushroom Envy & RMT

"In May 2023, I started to notice redness and bumps across my nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. I have always had perfect skin and now in my early 50's, my skin was feeling uncomfortable, like a sunburn, swollen and irritated. I tried expensive cleansers and moisturizers, but never noticed any improvement. I began to feel self-conscious, not wanting to be in photos, or wearing a mask on flare up days. In November, Angele offered me a bottle of Face Food to see if it would help with my skin.  Right away the skin on my face felt less stretched- like the relief you feel when you’re thirsty and drink a big glass of water! Within a week there was a noticeable difference especially first thing in the morning when the bumps and redness were at their worst. Even more than just the appearance, which was improving, my skin has started to feel good!  It’s no longer thick, swollen nor uncomfortably taught.  The scaliness is gone, the redness in almost completely gone and there is only the occassional raised red bump. I look healthier and I’m no longer self-conscious. Mostly I’m relieved because I felt that my skin was unhappy and unhealthy and I’m no longer worried."

Deena, Victoria

"Angèle gave me a sample bottle in the beginning of November, and ever since then, my skin discolouration around the center of my throat has almost completely gone away after using this oil 2 times per day! This dark area is a result of a bad sunburn, nothing was effective at lightening the area. Angele's oil is the only product that has worked so far. Between November and January, my dark area has almost completely cleared up! The oil also smells so good and I have sensitive skin, and it only makes my skin feel smooth and better!"

Kalina, Victoria

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Sydney, Victoria

"I absolutely love using Face Food! It is my favourite self-care product of the day. It’s so silky and soft - I’m obsessed! My skin feels so nourished. “Food for the skin they say?” My skin care routine is all about self-care and I love when my senses are stimulated. The experience of using Face Food is what I love most about it. The smell is the best part… aside from its ingredients!! Mushrooms, are you kidding me? So cool!"
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Sheri, Ontario

Madelaine, Victoria

 "Love my new Mushroom Envy face oil. Best one I’ve tried yet, love the smell and it goes on nicely. I have noticed smoother softer skin. I like it best when I put it on right before bed."
"My skin has never been so even! Using Face Food morning and night has completely changed my skin. Even with a combination skin type, I’m able to use it every day without breaking out and it smells amazing!"
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Teresa, Victoria

Colleen, Alberta

Jacky, Victoria

 "I absolutely love Face Food! I have combination skin and eczema and this product leaves my skin hydrated and evens out my skin tone. I noticed after using for a week just once a day before bed, that the redness on my cheeks went away. It's light and refreshing to wear but also hydrating without feeling heavy oils."
"Truly a winter lifesaver! I live in Calgary, Alberta where the winter temperatures drop below -30 and the air is dry, dry, dry. Typically, this time of year my skin is reactive, dull, dry, and incredibly irritable. Since incorporating Face Food into my skincare routine, I have seen a tremendous change, quickly. The most noticeable change has been the significant decrease in redness and irritation. One of my favorite aspects is how easily I find my skin can absorb moisture now. Face Food has genuinely impressed me, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to those facing similar skin challenges."
" I’ve been struggling with very sensitive skin since I’ve been little. Nothing seemed to work for me, no matter how much money I’ve spent, whether high class, expensive skincare products to over-the-counter products. Face Food oil from Angele has been an absolute game changer. I’m obsessed and I am using it every night before I go to bed. My skin has cleared up, no more break outs, and my skin feels brighter. I love the glow it gives my face. I cannot recommend Face Food enough. It will blow your mind and change your life, especially if you have sensitive skin like me. 10/10"
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Deb, Ontario

Marilyn, Ontario

Janice, Ontario

"I was unsure about using this product to replace my moisturizer. As a 60-year-old woman I always relied on my moisturizer as an age defying product. Once I tried Angele’s new face serum, my opinion has changed. Right from when I first applied it to my face it was a pleasant experience. The scent was pleasant and not too strong. While I was applying it, I noticed it felt soft to apply and my skin felt softer.Now that I've been using her product over a month, I can see a difference. My age lines have diminished and my whole complexion has improved. I'm so happy to be using this product."
"I am thrilled with this product! Almost immediately I noticed an improvement in my skin’s moisture, smoothness, rosacea symptoms and visibility of lines."
" I have never used this type of serum and was surprised at how well it worked. I thought it may be too greasy, but it is far from it. It leaves my face feeling very soft and I have to be mindful during the day to stop touching it. My face seems brighter, and the dark spots seem less noticeable, and my redness seems to have diminished. I use it day and night with my green jade roller. I like that a little goes a long way."

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