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Hi, I'm Angele


Welcome to Mushroom Envy, where my passion for mushrooms has blossomed into a delightful venture.

In the beginning months of 2023, I found myself immersed in the enchanting world of fungi, experimenting with a mushroom-based confection that sparked the creation of Face Food and the inception of Mushroom Envy.

Born into a family of chefs, my personal culinary journey took an unexpected turn after a brief apprenticeship in the 1980’s, steering me away from the traditional hospitality business and into the healthcare industry as a registered massage therapist.  In 2021, I relocated to Vancouver Island from Ontario. The region unveiled a treasure trove of mushrooms, turning every day into a thrilling adventure in a mushroom playground.

Driven by a deep passion for mycology, I became an active member of the Southern Vancouver Island Mycology Society, participating in forays and exploring the diverse fungi that grace our landscapes. Fungi, with their intricate structures and kaleidoscope of colours, became my muse. I am on a mission to share the awe-inspiring world of mushrooms and inspire others to join me on this fascinating journey.

I believe in simplicity, purity, and letting the innate beauty of our ingredients shine. Our products are designed to be simple yet effective, using organic sources whenever possible, and steering clear of unnecessary fillers. 

Embark on the Mushroom Envy journey – where simplicity meets wellness, and mushrooms take centre stage.


My Skincare Journey


Welcome to Face Food, where skincare meets the miraculous world of mushrooms. Our story begins in 2005 when I was diagnosed with rosacea, a persistent skin condition that plagued me despite numerous attempts at finding a solution. After years of experimenting with prescriptions, treatments, and lifestyle changes, the breakthrough came unexpectedly, changing my life forever.

In 2021, amidst the challenges of COVID and a move to beautiful Vancouver Island, a documentary titled "Fantastic Fungi" opened my eyes to the extraordinary healing powers of mushrooms. Armed with a background in health and wellness, I dove into the study of the medicinal benefits of mushrooms.

During the Summer of 2023, I meticulously researched and formulated an oil that combined mushrooms and botanicals known for their skin-enhancing properties. The results, which I witnessed in just two weeks were astounding — improved skin tone, reduced redness, and a radiant glow. The experiment evolved into a solution not just for me but for over 60 individuals across various age groups and skin types, confirming its universal effectiveness.

The integration of functional and medicinal mushrooms into my life has brought about a holistic transformation — a clearer mind, healthier skin, boundless energy, and a newfound passion for foraging. Face Food and Mushroom Envy connect not just with the skin but with the essence of self, emphasizing the importance of reconnecting with the earth. Welcome to a world where skincare becomes a celebration of self and the earth — welcome to Face Food and Mushroom Envy.


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